How to implement lean in a public company in chile Without failing in the attemp.


  • Juan Rojas Gerente Corporativo de Excelencia Operacional, CODELCO, (CHILE)



LIPS, Mining Industry, Lean methodology, Continuous Improvement, Public Sector


Chile is the largest producer of copper worldwide, where CODELCO, a state-owned enterprise, generates 10% of the global production of this metal. In 2015, the copper mining industry faced significant challenges due to price fluctuations, reaching a minimum of US$ 2.49 per pound. As a result, the cost of operations began to gain greater importance and was highlighted as an important factor to consider.

Not oblivious to the, CODELCO faces the uncertainties of time while seeking to maintain its position in the global market. This article reports how the copper company decided to embark on a different and sustainable path over time: it developed a management system based on Lean methodology to enhance continuous improvement. The outcome is a system called C+ consisting of a set of disciplines, practices, and tools that have improved the company's management.

After years of effort and implementation, the state-owned company managed to establish a new way of doing things, leading it to be recognized in May 2023 by the Shingo Institute at the University of Utah (United States). This recognition made it the world's first mining company to receive this award for excellence in organizational culture. It is an achievement that fuels the ongoing effort for continuous improvement.


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